Are you an 18-35 year old Job Seeker, based in Wellington or Waikato?
Keen to start work or study?



Your future just got brighter!

Triple Summits FOCUS

You get your very own mentor

Triple Summits mentors have helped literally hundreds of jobseekers succeed. Your mentor knows it’s hard to get on track, and stay on track, and that’s ok. Together we can do this! Your mentor has got what it takes to support you however you need it. We’re in your corner backing you!


At Triple Summits we focus on jobseekers aged 18-35. And it’s FREE! We’ll spend around four weeks preparing together. You’ll make new friends and get a new support network. Want driving lessons or your licence? We’ll do that too. With your mentor alongside, you’ll set your goals and smash them.

You will

  • Have a mentor who will help you identify your goals

  • Gain new skills to prepare for work

  • Develop and maintain confidence and motivation
  • Build self-leadership, resilience and team-work skills
  • Explore career pathways and work or study options
  • Work on your CV and prepare for your next phase
  • Have support with getting employment, or moving into study
  • Make new friends and support networks
  • Get ongoing support for six months

Since 2014

Triple Summits has been mentoring, coaching and developing self-leadership skills in jobseekers for a long time. Every year, hundreds of jobseekers step up and get into new jobs or study. That’s a lot of people. And you’re next!

Tell me more!
For more information about our programme, or anything else, please contact us and we’ll be in touch.


LSV Graduate Programme

Triple Summits supports graduates of the Limited Service Volunteer course!

Have you graduated from the New Zealand Defence Force LSV course?

We will support you in all aspects of your life. We’ll work with you on next steps. Let’s take that mahi and springboard into your brighter future! 

Triple Summits runs a Graduate Programme for people who have done the NZDF Limited Service Volunteer course!


LSV is for anyone aged from 17 to 25 years old. You don’t have to be getting a benefit from Work and Income to go on it.



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Hataitai, Wellington 6021

POST PO Box 9281, Waikato Box Lobby, Hamilton, 3240
PHONE 0800 538 476

WAIKATO Regional Office (NZ)

LOCATION Hamilton Yacht Club,
Innes Common, Hamilton 3204

PHONE 0800 538 476