JUNE 2023



Te Raureti is 24 years old from Waikato. He signed up to the LSV Programme in at the end of 2022 as he had no real direction & did not know what he wanted to do with his life. He was hoping that he would be able to create a future pathway & push himself outside of his comfort zone. Te Raureti struggled with the military environment at LSV initially, but the skills he developed there including discipline & leadership, enabled him to persevere & he successfully graduated from the course with his peers. Te Raureti saw some noticeable changes in himself at LSV. He felt sharper & he was inspired by a staff member’s ability to cook. This ignited a passion Te Raureti never knew he had & when he returned home, he began making the same food as well as trying different recipes of his own. This is when Te Raureti decided that he wanted to become a Chef.

Te Raureti joined the Triple Summits Focus Programme & after exploring some options with his Mentor, he enrolled onto a tertiary study course in Cookery. He has done exceptionally well, passed his first year with flying colours & he has now secured an internship at a local café where he hopes to get paid employment upon completion. Te Raureti is on his way to becoming a qualified Chef within the Hospitality industry & he is continuously getting excellent feedback. We couldn’t be more proud! 

“Triple Summits have the most considerate, caring & down to earth people. My Mentor really listened to me, she was so supportive of my goals & aspirations. I’ve excelled over this last year & life couldn’t be better! Thank you for helping me to discover something I never thought was possible”.

Te Raureti has shown great commitment towards his goals & he has embraced every opportunity that has come his way. He took control of his life & was the driving force for positive change. Te Raureti is feeling the happiest he has been in a long time & his hard work is paying off. He has a very bright future ahead! 




Jessie is 22 years old from Wellington. She has ambitions to work in the Retail industry, and she has had some prior work experience in the Hospitality field.

Jessie signed up to the LSV Programme in August 2022 as she was finding it difficult to get back into the workforce. She did not complete the 6 week LSV course, as she was struggling with her Mental Health. She has battled with depression, a lack of confidence and self-esteem for several years and it has been very challenging for her to overcome.

Jessie decided to join the Triple Summits Focus Programme as she felt as though she faced many barriers which were holding her back from achieving her full potential. Jessie felt very low at the time she joined Triple Summits. She had spiralled into depression/anxiety, self-criticism and she felt lost with no plans for her future. She met her Mentor and they instantly clicked.

Jessie was having weekly mentor sessions and things started to pick up for her. She started to feel more confident and she began setting some goals as well as creating a pathway forward. Jessie applied for a Nightfill role at Countdown and she aced it! She now works in a role she loves and the hours of work very much suit her lifestyle. When asked about her experience with Triple Summits, Jessie said

“Joining Triple Summits came at the right time for me. I went out of my comfort zone and it’s helped me to get to where I am now. My mentor is amazing, I can contact him at any time about anything! I’ve achieved so much and I’m much happier now.”

Jessie feels as though everything is falling in to place for her now. She is enjoying work and she is feeling happy again! Jessie now has plans to pass her Restricted Licence and buy a car with her wages – well done Jessie we are so proud of you!




Serah loves getting out and about, enjoys her work and colleagues, and sometimes gets up super early to start a shift.

“I never thought I’d be saying this but I’m loving getting up and having somewhere to go every day”

Serah works for the maintenance department at Fulton Hogan. She says it’s different every day and that’s one of the reasons she enjoys it. She’s done office work before but was surprised to find that she enjoys being outside doing physical work.

“I’m out and about at different locations and sites every day,” says Serah. Her work involves maintaining roads, doing litter runs, working on potholes, dig-outs and test-pits.

Serah has come a long way and this is her new normal. She reflects on her journey with Triple Summits fondly. “They are just so supportive and helped me get my life and future sorted.

“They never gave up, always asking if I was okay, giving me options, always supporting me”

Serah planned and prepared with Triple Summits, setting goals and assessing her strengths and weaknesses. “They really helped,” says Serah. “Now I’m working for Fulton Hogan who are great to work for and I really enjoy going to work. Fulton Hogan has heaps of departments so there are different areas I can move into if I want to.”

“I’m enjoying the people I work with, they’re really respectful and that’s important to me”

Although Serah works shifts and sometimes starts at 4am she says it’s all good. “If you’re working with people you enjoy being around then that’s all that matters.” Serah is employed, happy and grateful. “It’s a good change for me,” she says. “It’s exactly what I wanted.”



Dylan. Triple Summits.

After completing LSV in Whenuapai Dylan joined Triple Summits with a focus on self improvement and finding fulfilling employment. Before these changes he saw his life as lacking structure and direction. He was bored, unmotivated, and unfulfilled in his casual work which wasn’t helping him to establish his independence and work towards his goals.

LSV opened Dylan up to new situations and developed his organisation and time management skills, and his ability to work under pressure.

“I realised I am more stronger and resilient than I thought and that I can get results if I push through”

It also reawakened his desire to join the Airforce and this became one of Dylan’s goals as he headed back home to Waihi Beach. 

Josh, Dylan’s mentor at Triple Summits, was impressed at Dylan’s mindset as they began to work together. “Dylan came out of LSV really energised and eager to continue his development toward both employment and his broader goals. He had learned a lot about his leadership style and how he worked within teams, and as Dylan was already incredibly independent my role was to support and guide him toward his next opportunities.” 

Utilising Josh’s support, Dylan leaned on his delivery experience at Domino’s and his full licence to land a job at NZ Post as a Courier Driver where he gets to connect with and support local residents and business owners within the Waihi Beach community. Dylan loves working as part of a team and is thriving with the pace and independence of the role while continuing to grow those time management and organisational skills that LSV had set in motion. 

Where to now for Dylan? A gym membership to keep up fitness levels and a focus on establishing a foundation for him and his partner, all while getting to work in a job he loves and for a community he calls home.



Tiara and Mayor Triple Summits
Tiara joined Triple Summits in May 2021 after successfully completing a six week LSV Programme run by NZDF. She completed the Work Preparation Module & had goals of securing employment so she could save money for her own car, move into a flat and possibly travel to Australia in a few years’ time. Tiara’s main areas of interest were in Customer Service, Hospitality and Traffic Control. Tiara has an outgoing personality and gets on well with others. Just weeks after completing the Triple Summits Work Preparation Module, Tiara successfully applied for a role at a COVID vaccination centre in Cambridge and Te Awamutu. She is now proud to work for Waikato DHB under Kaimanaaki. Tiara is responsible for administration she helps guide people through the vaccination process under Māori manaakitanga principles. Tiara is thoroughly enjoying her role and has continued to work during all alert levels. Her mentor Cath has seen real progress.
“It has been a pleasure working with Tiara and see her confidence build from strength to strength since starting her new role”
Her natural charm is being put to good use within the DHB, so much so that she landed in the Cambridge Newspaper in a photo with the Waipa Mayor! Tiara’s next goal is to achieve her Restricted Driver’s Licence and to achieve other personal goals which will see her gain further independence and success. We have very much enjoyed supporting Tiara on her journey and we wish her all the very best for the bright future ahead of her.



Youth in Waikato - Kortez

Kortez is awesome. He has made friends at school and is going well at home too. His mentor, Tanekaha, says it’s a pleasure to support Kortez.

“Kortez is a bright young man with a big heart for his whānau”

Kortez joined the Ākonga Programme at Triple Summits in the Waikato. His school work is now up to standard and he’s much happier. His social worker at Oranga Tamariki said that Triple Summits has had a “massive impact on Kortez and the changes were also noticed by his school”.

Each week, Tanekaha sees more improvements. He and Kortez have met regularly. Amongst other things they have played basketball, and talked about what was going on. Kortez is grateful. He even wrote a sincere letter to Tanekaha thanking him for his help. Kortez indicated the tangible depth of impact that mentoring has had on his life.

It’s great to be working in partnership with the Ministry of Youth Development strengthening Ākonga resilience. Kortez has a bright future ahead of him.



James Lowe Triple Summits

James is a self-leader. He works as an apprentice glazier for Metro Glass and, as he builds his experience, he keeps his long-term direction in mind.

Every day, James drives to work, picks up the day’s job-sheet and the van, and heads off to residential sites with the glass. He works on everything from windows or doors to cat doors and skylights, and is fast gaining skills in glass removal and installation, regulations and professional relationships. He’s also making good choices.

As a realist James knows that life can go in a variety of directions. “You can get distracted and bad habits can creep back in,” says James. He enjoys sport and checks in with himself, and his support people, to keep on track. “It’s wicked to know there’s someone there for you,” he says.

“People are free to make their own choices. Triple Summits gave me a reality check”

James is keen to build his skills and experience and perhaps one day own his own business. “I’d like to have a family, a house, maybe travel,” he says. “I’m young and it’s cool to plan now for those things.”

He enjoyed the Limited Service Volunteer (LSV) course. He says it reminded him that he can work hard and it gave him new routines. He still gets active in the morning to get his day off to a good start. James is grateful for Triple Summits staying alongside him after the LSV course and appreciates his mentor’s ongoing support.

“I’m enjoying being busy, working hard and having more purpose in my life”



Bernice loves keeping busy. She enjoys her work as a National Communications Officer for Access Community Health and says it’s something she looks forward to every day. “I like the environment, it’s healthy for me, the people are good and I like being able to help.”

Bernice communicates with people across the healthcare sector from elderly patients, to families and hospitals. She says there’s a lot to do but she’s up for it. Bernice is saving for her future and has a second job as a healthcare assistant to help boost her finances. “I love that too,” she says. “I’m able to help clients in their home and it helps me keep busy.”

Triple Summits has witnessed Bernice grow and change. She developed new routines by participating in a Limited Service Volunteer course and continued to move her life in a positive direction by following up with mentoring and workshops at Triple Summits. Her mentor Manaia was a key part of her journey to positive mental health, financial independence and self-leadership. “He’s the best,” says Bernice. “Manaia and I had deep and meaningful talks about life and he encouraged me to look at things positively.” These days Bernice loves getting up and out of the house.

“I didn’t really get out before, I felt insecure and was in a bad place, but now I’m not hiding, I’m on my feet, out of my room and I like it.”

 Manaia is still alongside Bernice checking in on her and providing continued support. He’s proud of her progress. “The best thing I see is that she’s had the courage to take charge of herself, it’s successful and she can see that.”

He says it reinforces the approach of guiding youth to self-lead so they take charge of their self care.

Bernice also appreciated help with writing a CV and cover letter and understanding the job application process from an employer’s perspective. She also learned that she needs to keep active for good mental health. “I don’t want to go back to where I was,” says Bernice. “I’m planning for long term goals now and my future is going to be good.”



Bayley loves cars. Through Josh, his mentor at Triple Summits, Bayley has secured full-time employment with Keith Andrews Trucks. Despite the lockdown restrictions Bayley remained employed and appreciated knowing that his job was waiting for him while NZ responded to the pandemic. As a Detailer, Bayley keeps company and client standards high with his work on the vehicles.

Triple Summits has supported Bayley through his journey with LSV, with personal and health challenges, and with financial management. He’s gone from strength to strength. His mentor Josh has been able to provide help with everything from basic needs to planning for the future. One of Bayley’s goals is to get his truck licence and his employer is going to help with that. He’s well on his way.

 “We continue to provide pastoral support for Bayley to make sure his successful outcome is long-lasting”



Janel is a nurse. She works at Kenepuru Community Hospital in the Stroke and Rehabilitation ward. As an enrolled nurse Janel helps people on the ward recover from a stroke, or other neurological condition, giving medications and general nursing support. She says it’s amazing. “I love my job.”

It was Janel’s grandmother who first suggested she consider training to become a nurse, after observing how well Janel got on with the residents in the retirement community. “I love talking,” says Janel. “It’s the best part of my job, talking with people and building relationships.”

Janel was trained, and had her restricted licence and a car, but hadn’t secured a job. Triple Summits helped Janel build her confidence back up after an unsuccessful job interview. “Jay knew how to help, he listened to me,” says Janel. “He helped me get through my fears and anxiety just by talking and listening.”

Nursing frequently requires shift work. Triple Summits helped Janel with defensive driving so she could get an exemption and drive after 10pm. She loves working at the hospital. “I feel so lucky,” says Janel.

“Triple Summits lifted my confidence and now I have a routine and I feel so much happier”

As Janel goes about her essential work she’s aware that she’s providing the very same support that Triple Summits gave her. Being there, listening and talking. “I’m so happy to be nursing.” She continues to receive ongoing pastoral support from JP at Triple Summits who is so proud of her.

“Janel is confident, independent and self-leading which means she’s able to provide quality nursing care for her patients”


JULY 2021


Pharrah works at McGrath’s Nurseries. Since completing the Youth FOCUS programme Pharrah has been working super hard. She is proud of herself, so is her family, and she is loving earning money.

Pharrah found having a youth mentor very helpful. She says that the Triple Summits programme made her a better person. Her confidence grew and she was able to get through tough times with a new resilience.

She says she was grateful that her mentor Josh didn’t give up on her. “He was super supportive,” says Pharrah. She enjoyed working with, and getting to know, everyone on the programme and really enjoyed the outdoor activities.

“Whoever goes through the Triple Summits, do your best and be patient because at the end of the day your outcome will become the blessing of your life” 

Pharrah grew in self-confidence. She has become more independent and her motivation has risen too. She has found her sense of self and is doing super well.

Donna, her Case Manager, remembers chatting with Pharrah initially and has witnessed a renewed energy in Pharrah since she worked with Triple Summits. Pharrah’s spark has ignited. She has discovered that she is a quick learner and able to contribute heaps in the workplace. Pharrah is engaging with a new routine and a brighter future. Donna is impressed. Pharrah’s mum is reassured.

Donna noticed that Pharrah looked happy and confident when they met after Pharrah had started mahi with Triple Summits. Pharrah outlined her plan for her future. Pharrah said proudly, that she had found herself.

Pharrah was quickly snapped up by McGrath’s Nurseries and is a valuable employee. Josh continues his pastoral support role with Pharrah and is proud to see her embracing life and maximising her potential. 

JUNE 2021


Ned joined Triple Summits in December 2020. Triple Summits has helped Ned to transition from high school mode to work mode. Upskilling to transition into workforce mode was critical for him for to achieve success in obtaining a job.

Ned believes Triple Summits brings together similar and likeminded people. Through working together, the programme attendees build a bond and help each other out. Ned loved the tennis table and thought it was awesome for teambuilding and getting to know fellow programme attendees.

Before Triple Summits Ned felt comfortable receiving the job seeker benefit and did not feel the need to pursue a job or career.  Ned was informed about Triple Summits by his Ministry of Social Development Work Broker, and it was kind of a light bulb moment for Ned in starting to believe that he could achieve more.

After working with Triple Summits in March Ned started an electrical assembly role at TCS NZ Limited based in Hamilton.

I loved my experience with Triple Summits and have recommended it to heaps of people.  Since starting my new role I’m loving having financial stability and I’ve purchased a car”. Ned

MAY 2021


Hezekiah joined our Youth FOCUS Programme in February 2021 and worked with our Youth Coach, Manaia. Before joining Triple Summits, Hezekiah wasn’t actively looking for work and needed some help to get into employment. The programme helped him upskill in CV writing and interview skills. He found running through job interview scenarios beneficial and said that Manaia was approachable and that it was awesome to be able to ask his advice and help him achieve his goal of finding work.

A highlight for Hezekiah was the physical training aspect of the programme.

Hezekiah would recommend the Youth FOCUS Programme to anyone wishing to kick start their work journey. He further stated that the programme changed his life for the better and Manaia was really awesome and helped him a lot.

In April Hezekiah went for a job at Pak’n’Save and was offered the role at the end of the interview. Hezekiah started his job at Pak’n’save in May and is loving it.

“Before joining Triple Summits I wasn’t actively searching for work and didn’t have any goals in mind. Now that I have employment to keep me busy, I have set some new goals that I wish to work towards and accomplish”. Hezekiah


MARCH 2021


Shavaughn returned to New Zealand after spending three years living in Australia and joined our Triple Summits programme in May 2020.

During her time at Triple Summits our team supported Shavaughn to obtain her First Aid Certificate which ignited her spark to work in the medical field.  Cath was Shavaughn’s mentor throughout the programme and she found her to be welcoming, easy to talk to, supportive and helped her set achievable, realistic goals and goals that made Shavaughn happy.

“Moving back home, I was unsure, I did not have set goals and felt stuck. The Future Leader’s programme encouraged me to put myself out there, because you do not know what you are capable of until you try something new” Shavaughn

Shavaughn said the key strengths of Triple Summits programme would be Whanaungatanga – how welcoming, understanding and the importance of building connections and positive relationships within the team.

Shavaughn would recommend our programme to other young people.  After completing our Youth FOCUS Programme Shavaughn landed a job in October 2020 working for a Maori Healthcare provider.  Through her job she is training to be a Whanau Manaaki (Health Care Assistant / HCA). As a Whanau Manaaki worker, she supports GP’s and Nurses and performs tasks such as community home visits, vitals/observations and taking blood from patients for blood tests. The importance of this mahi has given her a sense of purpose and she is happy to be able to give back and serve whanau in the community.

 Outside of work Shavaughn is studying Level 1 Te Reo Maori so she can connect more with whanau and she is also enjoying time at the beach learning how to paddle board.




Nuria joined Triple Summits in August 2020. Before joining our programme Nuria was unemployed for four months, very shy, had no confidence and did not enjoy social situations.

Joining Triple Summits has changed Nuria’s life. She really enjoyed her mentoring sessions with her mentor Cath. Nuria said that our staff made her feel very comfortable and good about herself very quickly.

Nuria has been working at New World for 5 months. She is incredibly happy with how far she has come, is feeling confident and now finds herself talking to everyone. Having a happy healthy working life has promoted a healthier active lifestyle with better eating habits, resulting in losing 15kg to date.

“Having someone believe in me, support me throughout my journey has been amazing, my confidence has grown dramatically. One of the things I learnt on the programme was mastering interview skills and CV preparation which empowered me to land my job at New World. I cannot believe how far I’ve come in only 5 months” Nuria

“We have worked with Triple Summits since 2019, I particularly like the structure and support the programme provides. Nuria is an example of a strong successful candidate”  Bhavna, HR – New World



 “I joined Triple Summits in August 2020. I attended a LSV seminar hosted by Work and Income and I was referred directly to Triple Summits by my Case Manager and did not attend the LSV programme.

I really enjoyed what the Youth Focus Programme had to offer, it got me into a routine. I learnt how to job search properly, how to write a proper covering letter and CV.”

Having a youth mentor was really good, I was kept in check. At one part of the course my attendance dropped but my mentor followed up with me and got me back on track. I felt accountable to my mentor and compelled to do well.

I enjoyed the structure of the programme. The programme was different as the mentors help you work on what you’d like to learn and achieve. The mentors made us think and plan our day, I was able to learn and develop self-leadership skills.

Before joining Triple Summits, I was a bit slack and unmotivated, receiving the benefit. I was happy enough gaming and hanging out with friends. Since attending the programme I have developed healthy life skills and I feel way better, having a job and a routine I feel like I have a purpose.  I’m enjoying getting out of the house, having a routine and earning money” – Jobahn



Grace joined us in October 2020 from attending LSV.  Grace is a talented semi-professional basketball player and was part way through a basketball scholarship in the USA when the Pandemic cut her scholarship short and she returned home to New Zealand and went onto the Job Seekers benefit.  Grace’s life changed overnight however she remained motivated to find work but found it was difficult to broaden her horizons and had to temporarily put aside her passion for basketball and that life she had planned.  In January we received amazing news that Grace secured a Call Centre role at the Ministry of Social Development.



Callan is an LSV graduate who joined us in October 2020. Callan joined us with interest in event planning, customer service or hospitality. He completed our Work Preparation Module and has been actively job seeking with the support of his Youth Mentor JP. Callan also wanted to pursue a career in acting, and was keen to take part in some theatre auditions, however he was wary that his career options were limited in such a competitive industry. Callan was encouraged by his mentors at Triple Summits to chase his dreams and attend the auditions. Callan has realised the networking benefits of going to the auditions and is hopeful an opportunity will arise in future. Whilst applying for work, Callan took it upon himself to do some voluntary work experience teaching at Maoribank kohanga reo. He gained some valuable knowledge, skills and experience to increase his employability.

Callan’s hard work paid off when he secured an interview for a service coordinator at Home Care Medical Limited for the Maori Bowel Screening programme. He really impressed the interview panel and was offered employment which started on the 23 November 2020.

JUNE 2020


Chayill joined our programme in June after finding herself unemployed because of Covid-19.  Her qualifications were in hospitality and there were limited opportunities in that Industry.
Triple Summits supported Chayill in achieving her Learners Licence and we are continuing to support her driving lesson goals with Chayill undertaking driving lessons so she can sit her Restricted Licence in the near future. Chayill also gained her forklift license with our assistance.
Chayill commenced work at Greenlea Premier Meats as a packer in August. She is really enjoying earning money and has set herself up with a savings account so she can buy herself a car and do some traveling around New Zealand..


JUNE 2020


Sarah joined us in June 2020 and successfully interviewed for a temporary role at Hamilton City Council in a gardening/labouring role. She soon proved that she was a great worker, so much so that at the end of the 4 month temporary contract, Sarah was asked to stay on to help with other projects. At the end of the additional 6 weeks, and two weeks after finishing with the council, Sarah had a trial with Filter and Flue who are maintenance contractors at Waikato Hospital, and is now a permanent employee with them. Her work ethic, reliability and adaptability to different work situations are her key assets. Her long term plan is to study zoology at university, but for now she is focused on growing her confidence in the world of employment.


MAY 2020


“Dusharn joined the Triple Summits Youth FOCUS Programme in May 2020. The nationwide COVID-19 lockdown had just ended and Dusharn had no idea about what he wanted for his future. After several sessions with his mentor, Dusharn uncovered his creative side and showed skills that he had in photography. Dusharn hadn’t pursued this career path before because he was unsure if he was able to make a good living out of photography and working for himself. With encouragement from Triple Summits, Dusharn gained motivation and became determined to do what he enjoys and is good at. He subsequently enrolled in the Te Ara Pūtake – My Academic Pathway course at Wintec, opting for the Creative Arts Module. This is a foundation course which will enable Dusharn to develop his skills and continue his studies to begin a Bachelor of Communication degree in 2021. Dusharn’s long term ambition is to become a professional videographer in the music industry. Dusharn has received excellent feedback from his tutors at Wintec. He is described as polite and respectful with a positive attitude. His Triple Summits Mentor Catherine has helped him to transition into study with ease and also navigate the study link process which is often overwhelming for lots of new students.

“Triple Summits helped me to realise that I can achieve my dreams. The ongoing support has been fantastic and they even hooked me up with a professional videographer who I can volunteer with and shadow on his future projects!”




 Nat”Natasha joined the LSV Graduate Programme in December 2019 after graduating from her six-week LSV course at Trentham. Natasha came to Triple Summits wanting to join the New Zealand Defence Force. She put in an Army application early on whilst attending the Work Preparation Module, however Natasha was told that the next intake was several months away. In the meantime, Natasha submitted several job applications in the retail industry, as her plan was to work as much as she could before transitioning into her Army career. She was successful with Rebel Sport, securing a part time role. Natasha did very well at her NZDF interview and she was selected to attend the Regular Recruit Force RRF 399 in August 2020 as a Combat Driver within the Army. Natasha and Triple Summits are incredibly proud and excited about the journey she is about to embark on. Natasha is grateful for the help and support she received from her Youth Employment Mentor Manaia. She was glad that she was able to follow her own dreams and pursue a career she has always wanted. Natasha thanked Triple Summits for helping her focus and stay on track after she graduated from her LSV course. What she loved the most about the Triple Summits Programme was the fun and welcoming environment that the staff and other young people created.

​Natasha has experienced lots of success since graduating her LSV course and she would highly recommend Triple Summits to other young people.

“Whether you already know what you want your future career to be, or if you are struggling with knowing what you want to do, Triple Summits can help you put a plan in place to achieve success and reach your goals. It would have been so easy to fall back into old habits being away from reality for six weeks on the LSV course, but my mentor really encouraged me and helped me to get into the NZDF which I’m so excited about!” Natasha



Shaun joined our Triple Summits Youth Focus Programme in October 2019 after graduating from the LSV program. Since attending our programme and working with mentor JP, Shaun has gone on to start a successful career in security.

Shaun said that the best thing about Triple Summits was that the mentors really helped guide him into the right direction for educational courses and employment. He further stated that he set goals and gradually took the right steps to get the right job.

Early this year Shaun commenced his career at Simply Security. Shaun loves his job at Simply Security and his life has changed for the better. While a lot of people were worried about job security during the COVID-19 lockdown he was asked to work more hours and was kept busier than ever. Shaun recently popped by to see JP his mentor and reported that he is now engaged to be married and has purchased a new car.   For the team at Triple Summits we are thrilled to learn that Shaun’s thriving in both his work and personal life.

Shaun said he would recommend our program to young people because they are guaranteed to get positive results from this course. He said that it definitely helped me and I know for a fact it will help change a lot of young people’s lives.

“The best things about future leaders is having excellent mentors that are willing to help young adults find employment. They are very understanding and helpful. ”  Shaun Hawkins



Jazmine joined Triple Summits in October 2019 after graduating from her six-week LSV course at Whenuapai Airforce Base. Jazmine arrived wanting to find a job in administration but was also keen to explore her options. She had applied for several jobs in the past, but was unsuccessful due to the level of competition so she was very grateful for the mentoring service that Triple Summits provides. Through connections of our Youth Mentors, Jazmine gained employment as a labourer with AGA Construction in November 2019. She worked Full Time for around 3 months until she had to move up to Auckland to look after family. Jazmine then secured another job at a Motor Lodge in Auckland where she worked throughout the COVID-19 lockdown period to support her family.

In May 2020, Jazmine was able to return to Hamilton where she gained part time employment as a support worker for Te Awhi Whanau Charitable Trust. She works in Mental Health & Addictions and she is enjoying all the learning and experience she has gained so far in the role. With the encouragement to achieve her goals, Jazmine also enrolled onto a Level 3 Business Administration course at Vision College where she is studying full time. Jazmine has received some excellent feedback from those who have worked with her and her positive can-do attitude makes her the perfect young role model to others!



LSV Graduate Tamara joined our Triple Summits Programme in October 2019. Tamara maintained an excellent work ethic throughout the Work Preparation Module and she successfully secured employment at Taylor Prestons (Meat Distribution Factory) within weeks. Tamara’s mentor JP kept in regular contact as she had no previous work experience. Tamara initially found the work very difficult and she was open and honest enough to communicate this with her mentor and employer. After some lengthy mentor sessions encouraging Tamara not to quit, it was arranged for Tamara to try some work in a different department, the offal and boning room. Tamara showed incredible determination and persistence through this transition and as a result retained her employment where she still works to date. She is very happy with her decision to move departments but continue working at Taylor Prestons.

​Tamara has received excellent feedback from her employer who is impressed with her attendance and positive attitude. Tamara is extremely grateful to have been involved with Triple Summits. She has huge thanks to her mentor JP for helping her get her very first job. Tamara was amazed at how quickly she gained employment after graduating from her LSV Course. She felt as though she learnt lots of useful skills which enabled her to enter and stay in the workforce.

MAY 2019


Triple Summits began working with Axton in May 2019. Axton came to Triple Summits in Hamilton after graduating from his six-week LSV course. Axton’s main goals post LSV were to become more confident, lose weight and gain employment in customer service. Axton applied for several retail jobs and within weeks he had an interview at New World Rototuna. He was successful and made a great impression on management which lead to Axton starting work in June 2019. Axton’s new role was part of the Mana in Mahi scheme where he was able to gain a Service Industry qualification within his employment. He has achieved lots of success over the past year and received fantastic feedback about his performance. Axton is thriving in his role and with enhanced confidence he now has his sights set on a leadership role within the same company! He has been working at New World Rototuna for 12 months now and he feels like a valued member of the team. In relation to his weight loss journey, Axton has joined a gym and he incorporates exercise into his daily routine. He has proudly achieved all of his goals that he came to Triple Summits with and he wants to continue his healthy lifestyle to inspire others.

MARCH 2019


Cameron joined Triple Summits LSV Graduate Programme in 2019. Cameron secured employment at New World in Hamilton and then decided that he would like to study in 2021 and relocate to Christchurch. With his Mentor Catherine’s support, Cameron successfully moved to Christchurch in February and due to his hard work and reliability, he managed to get a transfer at New World to another branch in St Martins. Cameron plans to work as much as possible for the rest of this year in preparation for his study commencing next year. He worked the entire lockdown period and he is enjoying his new found independence.



Employment Placement Service for 18-24 year olds


Youth Service for 16-18 year olds


LOCATION 393 Evans Bay Parade,
Hataitai, Wellington 6021

POST PO Box 9281, Waikato Box Lobby, Hamilton, 3240
PHONE 0800 538 476

WAIKATO Regional Office (NZ)

LOCATION Hamilton Yacht Club,
Innes Common, Hamilton 3204

PHONE 0800 538 476